Lady Melbourne's beauty regime

Win the ultimate day of indulgence with Manicare!

One thing I love about reading blogs and watching YouTube, is the amount of beauty advice you can gleam from every day women just like you and me. Want to know how to braid hair? Youtube. Want to know how to apply the perfect winged eye liner? Head over to Chloe Morello’s blog.

Lady Melbourne's 1970s tan leather coat

A gift…from the 70s

Occasionally I am given vintage clothes from friends who know that I wear them pretty much…all the time. This was passed along to me by a friend as it belonged to her mother but she wasn’t getting any wear out of it. Would I like it?

Inside Lady Melbourne's accessory closet


Here’s a look at just some of the accessories I own, I’ve pulled out some of my absolute favourites but I don’t wear that often for fear of ‘ruining’ them. Which is silly because they should be worn, life’s too short!