Sydney Dance Company performance of 'Orb'

Sydney Dance Company – Orb

Contemporary dance is an amazing spectacle—different to well known classical ballet, like Swan Lake, because it reveals the supreme athletic skill of the dancer’s in ways that classical performances do not.

Vincent Van Gogh 'Four Seasons' exhibition at the NGV

Van Gogh and the Seasons at the NGV

Now open at the NGV, Van Gogh and the Seasons explores Van Gogh’s profound connection to the seasons of nature through nearly 50 paintings and drawings, the largest exhibition of his work to ever grace Australian shores.

Remember Why You Started

Close your eyes and think about what you were doing 10 years ago. Can you remember—to the day? This year marks 10 years of publishing Lady Melbourne and because the Internet is the Internet, I can go back in time and see what I published, even down to the date and time of day.

A Lovely Lunch

Recently I had lunch at Instagram land. Kidding, it may as well have been because the set up at the Pandora event to launch their Mothers Day collection was truly impressive.