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More details from the nursery

You’ve seen the first post about how I decorated the nursery, well this is what happened to the other half. I got quite busy ‘nesting’ before the baby arrived and made all these cushions (except the little star, that’s from good old Kmart) and these Miffy prints.

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Beauty Review: Marula Oil

I’m not sure entirely whether it’s the shampoo or my left over pregnancy hormones, but as you can see in these photos after using the products, my hair does look super shiny. Would I recommend it?

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Big Sleeves, Big Love!

Somehow I ended up with two of these gorgeous dresses from, with one being considerably shorter than the other. Even with my pregnant…

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The Embroidered Sleeve

I think luxury is in the details, don’t you? It’s the silk lining in a jacket, or the monogram on a compendium or, like the case with this silk blouse, beautiful embroidery.

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Mother Life Love

Before having my baby, the intention was to start a separate platform dedicated to all things fashionable, lifestyle and motherhood. Not getting around to having the website built before the baby arrived, I’ve started an instagram account called @motherlifelove, so if you’re interested in top-notch baby spam, or my take on all things fashionable with a parenting tilt, then I’d love it if you followed along!