Reasons I know my blog is my boyfriend

I initially read this fabulous blog post via the IFB networks newsletter and I laughed so hard my head almost hit the keyboard.

I’ve decided to do my own version here because more often than not these days I certainly think that my blog may as well be my boyfriend:

  • I’m crazy for it, I think about it all the time.
  • I love to get dressed up for it on a daily basis and it doesn’t matter how eccentric my outfit choice, it always compliments me
  • We spend most days together, there’s rarely an evening we’re not together hanging out. Having a smart phone means I can pretty much look it up at it any time of the day or night.
  • My parents know my blog, and talk about it up to their friends and the rest of my family.
  • When I discover something new my blog is the first to know. A new shop, my latest purchase- I can’t wait to tell it my news
  • My friends without blogs don’t understand and think we’re co-dependant but I know they’re just jealous.
  • We plan holidays together
  • I’ve met the most amazing people through my blog and love introducing it around to new people I meet
  • It’s pretty much all I talk about on Twitter.
  • We’re official on Facebook.
  • It’s always there for me, even if we fight about its inability to do exactly what I say sometimes
Is your blog your boyfriend/girlfriend?
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  • Hi Lady Melbourne. I have just caught up with this post. Very, very funny. It keeps me awake at night, I blame it for my insomnia and for me because I am married – it feels like a marriage ie ’till death do us ‘part (however long that takes!!)

  • My Boyfriend of course, even though I’m a married woman! Even though it’s still brand new & I have pretty much zero friends, I love it to bits!! 😉 please visit some day.

  • Hahaha I love this. I get dressed up and do my hair for my blog. We stay up late together most nights too!

  • I knew that others would relate because I laughed so hard but sadly it’s so true!

  • My blog is my boyfriend – I’m always thinking about him, always talking about him and can’t wait to get home from work to be with him.

  • Hilarious – I love your point about being official on facey!

    I suppose that mine is too; it sure keeps me up at night! X

  • Hehe! All so very, very true!

  • Yes! That’s so funny and so true except that the husband takes pretty much all my photos for me so I guess we’ve got a bit of a love triangle going on!

  • I know what you are saying:) from Norway have
    one great weekend!

    Kiss kiss

  • I love your enthusiasm lady, thats why I kept coming back for more! 😛 My blog and I just starting dating xx

  • Slowly becomming that way, that is for sure! Although I’m still fairly new at it so perhaps it’s my potential-boyfriend or love interest thus far?

  • Ruth

    Lady M you are liking mighty fine in the picture for this post. Those jeans look great 🙂

  • haha i read the IFB post a couple of days ago on it too. its soo trueee

  • Ha! Hilarious. Funny how they do really take over your life. I swear everything I do ‘is for the blog.’ And SilverFox is always saying ‘My life is just one big blog post.’ Guilty. As. Charged!

  • haha i read the IFB post on it too. its soo trueee