Lady Melbourne for The Electric Lounge

I’ve been working on a project behind the scenes for about a month, called ‘The Electric Lounge‘ for Westfield that I can now share with you all. You know when you have to keep a secret and you are supremely excited but under no circumstances can you breath a word? Well, that’s been me, only it wasn’t words, it was these pictures.

To celebrate the arrival of the new Spring/Summer collections, Westfield partnered with five of their favourite fashion bloggers to capture their favourite looks for the season; Alexandra Spencer of 4thandBleeker.comPhoebe Montague of Willcocks of StyleMelbourne.comClaire Fabb of and Liam McKessar of

We were asked to create a video/fashion shoot featuring our favourite looks from our Spring/Summer fashion collections, inspired by the theme ‘Westfield is my fashion playground’.

Shopping isn’t so much playtime as it is a sport for me, so I decided to interpret the spaces inside Westfield Doncaster shopping center. Doesn’t look like I’m at a suburban shopping oasis does it? I like that aspect of it, plus the fact that it’s not actually that unlikely that I’d wear these outfits while I was shopping there anyhow.

A big, lovely thank you to The Gardener who shot this for me, it was just he and I one Saturday morning running around the centre at 7am.  Oscar Oscar Doncaster did my hair and I need to give huge props to Adrian who came in at 7am even though he had the flu. The results speak for themselves and his work is truly amazing. I also need to thank Gorgeous Cosmetics who also came in bright and early to get my face ready for the shoot. The makeup was flawless.

Join Phoebe Montague of and Sarah Willcocks of next Thursday, as they launch their Electric Lounge collaboration with Westfield Doncaster. Plus, we are also giving you the chance to win a $1,000 wardrobe!

Thursday 30 August
High Fashion Precinct, Level One
Westfield Doncaster
Dress: Fabulous Fashionista

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  • Love the 60s makeup Phoebe – gorgeous.

  • Jac

    Great photos but I think I am the only person who doesn’t like the pants 🙂 Love everything else though!

  • You look fantastic, what a great shoot! I really like the pants and dress on you! 🙂

  • lady bracknell

    I’m sorry Lady M but there was, and is only, one Dusty Springfield.

  • Henrietta

    As a young gal in the swinging 60’s, the make up Lady M is wearing, is just like we wore it then. It was very exaggerated with heavy eyeliner. Given her 60’s hairstyle, my guess she is is picking up on a 60’s look. Well done Phoebe, you have the look we baby boomers used to wear back then!

  • I do like the orange pants but think I like the top with the same print better. However, you look fantastic in the red print dress! You look really comfortable in it and from some of your other posts I would say it’s probably a look you love too. I wouldn’t mind having that dress in my wardrobe. 🙂

  • yoyos

    these are all so amazing! wish i could run out and buy that dress this second, sadly my bank account would most likely not permit it 🙁 . im guessing your makeup is darker and stronger than usual because most of the photos are black & white and the others are in dark shadows…

  • Milly

    Lady M your outfits are all stunning. Your hair looks awesome. Your make up is very 60s. I love it.Great photos.

  • Katie

    @KP I’m afraid I have to agree.
    I love you LM but I’m not loving this make up. You are so naturally stunning I don’t think you need to pack it on so heavy. Especially the wrong colour.

    Amazing clothes, styling and photography!

  • You look amazing Phoebe. That red print dress suits you to a tee (tea?).

    I love that Doncaster has all that lovely luxurious furniture around to lounge on. I really want to steal a few of the plush blue armchairs for myself.

  • Jenny Bannister

    Oh my, you two are looking sensational !
    Lucky to know you both.
    Good work for fashion !
    Jenny B xx

  • KP

    I’m sorry, but that make-up looks way too dark for your skin. You can really see the difference between your face and your neck!

    Those blessed with pale skin should tread VERY carefully with bronzer…

    Love the clothes though 🙂

  • love those pants!

  • Wow, those trousers are incredible, love orange! X